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Cutting loose: what it’s like to be a girl with a shaved head.. 3 girls getting their headshaved for donation. 9 things girls with shaved heads are tired of hearing about our perfect buzzcuts. . This little girl recreated cara delevingne’s silver shaved head, after losing all her hair to chemo. Saara / youtube. . Here’s the reason why parkland shooting survivor emma gonzález really shaved her head. Little girl shaves her head bald for charity. . Sonia cytrowska, from gdynia, poland, has let the hair on her body grow. Shaved girl. I shaved my head and i don’t regret it – why is there so much stigma against bald women?. Sophia, 11, shaved her long blonde hair off to be made into a wig. Hairstyles : 9 things girls with shaved heads are tired of hearing about our along hairstyles super picture half 50+ half shaved hairstyles girls. Girl bodybuilder with shaved temples and asymmetrical haircut. 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